10 #GivingTuesday Marketing Strategies for Nonprofits

10 Giving Tuesday Marketing Strategies for Nonprofits | Mitten United Design Agency

Giving Tuesday (#GivingTuesday) originated in 2012 as an opportunity to capture the holiday spirit to inspire charitable giving. The total dollar-amount of donations for #GivingTuesday2013 compared to 2012 was doubled. Given this incredible growth statistic, you should see this as is an opportunity to be a part of something big from its very beginning.

Because this is a new global tradition, there aren’t a ton of past campaigns to look to for inspiration. Don’t get discouraged! Just because it’s a new idea, doesn’t mean it needs a new strategy. The best nonprofit marketing strategies work regardless of their theme.

What is Giving Tuesday?

The movement encourages potential givers to use their savings from Black Friday and Cyber Monday to give back.

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Planning for #GivingTuesday

The #GivingTuesday movement has caught on, to say the least. Because this new tradition only began two years ago, there is still plenty of room for it to evolve. Establish your nonprofit’s place in the movement early and get your supporters excited for what you have in store.

  1. Emphasize a recurring option in your #GivingTuesday campaign 
    Rather than just adding a ‘recurring gift’ checkbox on the donation form, tie recurring giving to a specific purpose.
    The most popular form of monthly giving is sponsoring a child. Get creative with your cause. If you’re a youth-focused nonprofit, create a school-of-the-month sponsorship club, using those recurring donations to visit school spreading your cause.
  2. Focus on smaller numbers in your pitch
    This technique is often seen when sponsoring a child “for just 50 cents a day.” Use Giving Tuesday as a kickoff for your new recurring-gift campaign.
  3. Specifically ask
    Use specifics throughout your #GivingTuesday campaign. First, use predefined giving amounts. Second, specifically ask donors to give monthly, and tell them what their donation will specifically go to. “Your monthly $25 gift helps us reach 50 malnourished eagles…” You get the idea.
  4. Build monster donor loyalty like Gaga 
    You don’t just want your donors to feel like they’re just another check in the mail. You want them to feel like they’re a part of something great.
    Lady Gaga created a name for her most engaged fans, calling them the Little Monsters.
    The Gaga tactic could be done for any demographic; for example, ‘Join Our Heroes Program this #GivingTuesday!’ Encourage donors to keep their giving spirit longer than just one day.
  5. Reach out to past donors
    I’m hoping you’re using a great donor management software. It will allow you to make better data-driven decisions that will increase your opportunity for success exponentially.
    However you do it, segment out people who have donated in the past. Because these people are familiar with giving online, they are often more likely to give again. This is much more effective when you recognize their past donations with gratitude.
  6. Encourage non-monetary giving
    Not everyone has extra money they feel they can freely give. These people can often be your most passionate supporters in other ways, whether its their time or word-of-mouth advocacy.
  7. Take advantage of the #GivingTuesday Toolkit
    The whole Giving Tuesday website is actually pretty valuable for your campaign.
  8. Maintain a consistent #Giving Tuesday campaign message
    First of all, give your campaign the most opportunities to be discovered by utilizing all of your brand’s channels. Create a video for your campaign, or a Pinterest board with ways to give and #unselfie photos.
  9. Utilize video for campaign marketing
    Here’s a HUGE cheat code for your cause marketing strategy. YouTube videos show up in Google results. Yeah, you know this, but do you really?
    First, videos are the only results with thumbnails. And images draw more attention.
    Second, think of how many times you’ve searched Google recently and haven’t seen a thumbnail in the results. Each of those searches were keyword opportunities waiting to be dominated.
  10. Explore MORE ways to reach potential supporters
    It’s hard to tell what will be the next Twitter or Instagram. With awesome new ways to communicate being developed daily, nonprofits are no longer limited to just email. Some exciting new platforms include Storehouse, Steller, Vine, and VSCO Cam.
  11. BONUS TIP: Show donors their impact
    You should always thank your recurring giver for their monthly donation. Whether you do this through email or direct mail, show them the impact of their money, using stories, photos, videos, or whatever.
    This makes people feel good. The more your supporters look forward to the good feeling they get when they hear from you, the longer they’ll keep supporting you.

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Did you know that 30% of all online giving occurs in December? Or that 10% of all online giving occurs in the last 3 days of the year? Properly capitalizing on these giving trends is riding a current with existing momentum.

Want to boost your monthly giving program with a branded donation form or a campaign landing page? Get in touch with us today for a custom branding strategy by the new year!

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