1.) Obvious statement about what you do.

What does your ogranization do, exactly? How do you help make the world better? Why should I stay on your website  & click another page?

You have about 3 seconds to answer these questions, so you better do it quick.

2.) Purpose-driven story telling

Scrolling is a part of the internet experience. Take advantage of it by using creative story telling with a purpose. Take your visitor through an engaging story about your nonprofit. Talk to them like a friend. Share information with compassion. Tell your story and how they fit in it.

3.) A simple & clear way to donate

Make it obvious where people can give and how they can help. Sometimes people have the sole objective of contributing online. Make it super, duper easy for them by making the donation process clear, objective and fun.

It helps to have a killer website design, too.

Shane Michael

Author Shane Michael

Shane Michael is a creative entrepreneur with a passion for making businesses and nonprofits grow. As the co-founder and Executive Director of Mittun, you'll see his face floating around a lot on here.

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