6 Tips to SKYROCKET Your Nonprofit’s Holiday Campaigns

6 Tips for skyrocketing your nonprofits holiday campaigns

1. Make Sure to PLAN!

Your nonprofit’s holiday campaign is not something to wing. Have the plan.

Spend time thinking about the harder things: Your email list, your budget, how much you need to raise, and the potential still left in your list.

“If you don’t know where you’re going, you might wind up some place else.” – Yogi Berra


2. Have a Strategy for Your Stories

Start gathering your stories and creating a plan of action with your holiday outreach from now until the end of the year.

You could focus on one story told different ways or several different stories all illustrating the same point.


3. Gather More Stories Through Video Interviews

Get people to share their stories by holding interviews rather than surveys or worksheets. This is a great way to find out interesting pieces to their story that you may not have uncovered otherwise.

Nonprofits can reach even more potential supporters by recording story interviews to video to share on YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, and your website.


4. Create a Content Calendar

Your content calendar will help you schedule what to talk about, and when and which avenue to talk about it.

You can get even more exposure by incorporating important dates, holidays or trending events into your blog topics and headlines, ad copy, and newsletters.


5. Create a Multi-Channel Strategy

Consider using multiple avenues of marketing. One example that has proven to elicit a greater response from donors is using direct mail and email together.

Plan to have the same branding and stories across all of your networks, including (especially) your website.

Your website’s donation page should also keep a unified message and display your brand. Avoid third-party platforms that direct your audience away from your website through the donation process.

Even your direct mail donors will usually go to your website first before they make a donation.


6. Plan For What Happens After the Gift

Write your Thank You letters when you write your appeals to ensure you maintain your nonprofit’s focused message.

The thank-you letter is about your donors, not about your organization. They are the real heroes. Tell them that.

Write like a person. Picture what your donor might be like, or pretend you’re writing to a family member or your best friend.

Make the intro pop! Don’t be so formal. Try catching the donors eye with something like “You’re Amazing!” They deserve to feel really good about giving to your organization.


Do you have a strategy for your nonprofit’s holiday campaigns? Is your nonprofit website ready to take on the new year? Contact us for help developing your marketing strategy and making the most of your end-of-year appeal!

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