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By July 8, 2014Mittun News
Melissa Monte - Director of Operations at Mitten United

Awesome things are happening here at Mitten United and I’m excited to share the news! To help us with the rapid & exciting growth of our company, Mitten United is proud to announce that Melissa Monte is our new Director of Operations, AKA Chief of Efficiency. She brings extensive marketing knowledge & UX/UI experience to the table, which allows us to offer a much higher value with our services. She’s lived all over the country, has traveled all over the world and has more iPhone apps than anyone else you know (literally). This means she’s well-rounded, knows what works and what doesn’t, and is always striving to learn new things, go new places, and make things the best they can be. On top of that, Britney Spears and Lady GaGa both follow her on Twitter.

As per the standard “introduction” protocol goes, below is a non-typical-but-still-kinda-typical Q & A regarding Melissa’s recent transition to Mitten United. Read on to learn more about our newest hire & the world-famous Maverick Danger.

Rumor has it you’re a marketing guru, social media expert, mobile app designer and an all-round badass. Can you break down your previous accomplishments and skills real quick?
I’ve won a few SEO and social media marketing contests, I’ve won product naming contests, and I happen to know more about apps than any other human being.

What was your last job?
My last job was lead product designer as well as senior marketing analyst for a mobile app company.

How was it transforming from an app-based company to a design-based company?
Transitioning has been a lot of fun. There are differences but a lot of similarities as well. I’m getting the opportunity to learn from Shane and Danny and hopefully soak up some of their talents, while bringing a different perspective to the team.

How do you expect MU to grow with your added skills?
My experience with apps gives us an edge in designing for mobile. My marketing background is allowing us to branch out and offer a few more amazing services.

So “Mobile” is your last name?
No, it’s Monte. But I see what you did there.

You’re not from Michigan…?
Correct, but sometimes I feel like I have a bit of Michigan in me. You can call me Melitten United.

Nobody knows Mobile better than Monte.

Nobody knows Mobile better than Monte.

So you’re pursuing your skydiving license and you also have your yoga teaching license. You also bomb double black diamonds on your snowboard and do handstands on the regular. Let’s talk about that for a minute.
I like to go all the way. Why be an amateur when you can be a pro?

Snowboarding and Handstands, Monte fits right in at MU

Snowboarding and Handstands, Monte fits right in at MU

How long have you been working with Mitten United?
I started helping out on an as-needed basis a few months ago. Because the company is growing so quickly, as-needed became full-time at the end of May.

What does your position entail?
I’m not sure if I can list everything… The most obvious tasks are anything to do with mobile UX/UI, marketing, SEO and project management.

Let’s talk about Maverick. We’ve all seen photos, but what’s the truth behind this little human-like dog?
Maverick Danger (yes Danger is his middle name…) can’t be summed up in mere words. He’s nothing like anything you’ve seen or heard about before. He’s everything you love about life stuffed into one tiny black ball of fluff. He’s like a tiny person.

Maverick Danger

Maverick Danger

Any last words?
You’ll probably be hearing from me a lot more from here on out so I won’t call them last words. I will say that the future of Mitten United looks pretty big and I’m stoked to be able to call myself a part of it.

Meet the rest of the MU Team here.

“We’re stoked to have Melissa on board. She’s been with us for almost 2 months now and has made the entire workflow at MU much more efficient. I’m excited for the future.”


All photos by Shane Hernandez (except the one of Maverick in the grass)

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